Cold Processed Lye Soaps

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Weight of 3.5 ounces or more each.

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Item # Soap Name Fragrance Color In Stock Price
CP01 Spring Clean Springtime dark creme Yes $3.50
CP02 Hot Cocoa Chocolate light brown Yes $3.50
CP03 Peppermint Ice Peppermint off white Yes $3.50
CP04 Javana Bar Banana taupe Yes $3.50
CP05 Country Coral Heather coral Yes $3.50
CP06 Almond Creme Almond almond Yes $3.50
CP07 Lemonade Lemon beige Yes $3.50
CP08 Cinnamint Blend off white Yes $3.50
CP09 Morning Flower Heather light beige Yes $3.50
CP10 Ripe Banana Banana brown Yes $3.50
CP11 Chocolate Pudding Chocolate light brown Yes $3.50
CP12 Farmers Treat Springtime caramel Yes $3.50
CP13 Lavender Creme Lavender beige Yes $3.50
CP14 Country Harvest Springtime caramel Yes $3.50
CP15 Summer Day Blend off white Yes $3.50
CP16 Cool Surf Cool Surf light purple Yes $3.50
CP17 Cocoa-Nut Chocolate tan Yes $3.50
CP18 Tangerine Dream Tangerine caramel Yes $3.50
CP19 Meadowland Heather caramel Yes $3.50
CP20 Lavender Tango Blend creme Yes $3.50
CP21 Circus Peanut Banana tan Yes $3.50
CP22 Early Spring Springtime almond Yes $3.50
CP23 Chill Out Cool Surf creme Yes $3.50
CP24 Buttermilk Pie Blend creme Yes $3.50
CP25 English Tea Blend taupe Yes $3.50
CP26 Raindrop China Rain white Yes $3.50
CP27 White Coconut Coconut white Yes $3.50
CP28 Farmland Heather tan Yes $3.50
CP29 Buttery Vanilla Vanilla brown Yes $3.50
CP30 Applejack Apple coral Yes $3.50
CP31 Coastal Chocolate Chocolate taupe Yes $3.50
CP32 Golden Almond Almond gold Yes $3.50
CP33 Fresh Mint Peppermint green Yes $3.50
CP34 Soothing Moment Powder sage green Yes $3.50
CP35 Hay Ride Springtime taupe Yes $3.50
CP36 Lavender Mint Blend creme Yes $3.50
CP37 Honeybelle Tangerine yellow gold Yes $3.50
CP38 Tickled Pink Cool Surf light pink Yes $3.50
CP39 Poppy Tart Blend off white Yes $3.50
CP40 Poppy Roll Blend dark gold Yes $3.50
CP41 Grandma's Garden Blend tan Yes $3.50
CP42 Florida Grapefruit Grapefruit peach Yes $3.50
CP43 Peppermint Tingle Peppermint white Yes $3.50
CP44 Mister Spicy Blend taupe Yes $3.50
CP45 Country Coral II Heather light coral Yes $3.50
CP46 Poppermint Peppermint white Yes $3.50
CP47 Winter Blossom Blend creme Yes $3.50
CP48 Golden Almond II Almond yellow Yes $3.50
CP49 Nanamint Blend light tan Yes $3.50
CP50 Lemon Chiffon Lemon pale yellow Yes $3.50
CP51 Tempting Tango Blend light gold Yes $3.50
CP52 Dream Cycle Blend marbled Yes $3.50
CP53 Honey Oats None tan Yes $3.50
CP54 Purely Clean Anise creme Yes $3.50
CP55 Chill Out II Cool Surf creme Yes $3.50
CP56 Honey Oats II Cinnamon tan Yes $3.50
CP57 Chocolate Cherry Blend taupe Yes $3.50
CP58 Lemon Tea L.eucalyptus light gold Yes $3.50
CP59 Menthol Mist Cajeput off white Yes $3.50
CP60 Cool Sea Cool Surf off white Yes $3.50
CP61 Driftwood Sandalwood cream Yes $3.50
CP62 Truly Patchouli Patchouli cream Yes $3.50
CP63 Railroad Tie Pine Tar dark brown Yes $3.50
CP64 Avacado Bar Unscented cream Yes $3.50
CP65 Pure Castille Unscented off white Yes $3.50
CP66 Almond Oats Almond cream Yes $3.50
CP67 Sulphur Springs Natural taupe Yes $3.50
CP68 Corny Cucumber Cucumber cream Yes $3.50
CP69 Cinnamon Swirl Cinnamon marbled Yes $3.50
CP70 Cafe au Lait Cafe Vienna dark brown Yes $3.50
CP71 Driftwood II Sandalwood cream Yes $3.50
CP72 Pumice Light Citrus cream Yes $3.50
CP73 Sea Foam Lavender white Yes $3.50


Spring Clean
A basic soap for the whole family. Produces a lightly fragranced, foamy lather. Future versions of this bar will be larger as to standardize pricing.

Hot Cocoa
Creamy chocolate bar that allows you to enjoy chocolate without gaining a single ounce (unless you eat it). Future versions of this bar will be larger as to standardize pricing.

Peppermint Ice
Lightly scented with peppermint essential oil for those who prefer less fragrance. Not recommended for dry skin. Future versions of this bar will be offered for different skin types along with mild, medium, and strong fragrance choices.

Javana Bar
This soap is designed for use in the kitchen. Removes odors such as onion or garlic from your hands while leaving them soft. Future versions of this bar will be larger as to standardize pricing.

Country Coral
Light heather fragrance is appealing to both men and women. Large exploding lather for normal skin types.

Almond Creme
Fluffy lather bursting with a luscious almond scent. A soothing way to start the day.

A mild creamy lather scented with real lemon essential oils.

Soothing oatmeal combined with cinnamon and peppermint essential oils to create a unique cleansing experience.

Morning Flower
Soothing calendula comes together with a light floral fragrance in a lovely soft lather. Future versions of this bar will be larger as to standardize pricing.

Ripe Banana
Softens your skin with a tropical type scent. Truly a soap that smells good enough to eat but please don't.

Chocolate Pudding
This bar contains buttermilk to nourish with chocolate fragrance for a smooth and creamy bath.

Farmers Treat
Goats milk soap has been raved about for its benefits. Slip into a relaxing bath with this creamy bar.
Lavender Creme
Loads of soft creamy lather are what you will get with this buttermilk enriched bar. Nice light lavender scent.

Country Harvest
A goat's milk soap for those who love this nutrient rich variety. Nice clean fragrance with the added benefits of pure goat's milk.

Summer Day
This soap is fragranced with a blend of all natural essential oils including peppermint, lavender, and citronella. Not only does it smell great, but it will help keep pesky biting insects away.

Cool Surf
A clean fresh scent that appeals to men and women alike, in an old fashioned formula that leaves you feeling fresh and clean.

We use coconut milk along with cocoa butter in this luscious soap. Your skin will enjoy the benefits of this creamy soap.

Tangerine Dream
An old fashioned formula with real Brazilian tangerine essential oil for a soap thats bound to relax you after a long hard day.

The benefits of goat's milk are yours in this lovely floral scented bar. Makes a wonderful gift for anyone, including yourself.

Lavender Tango
This all vegetable bar contains real calendula petals along with a blend of essential oils that is sure to enhance your bath.

Circus Peanut
This all vegetable formula will appeal to young and old alike with a light banana fragrance and loads of lather.

Early Spring
This old fashioned bar has an earthy scent that leaves you feeling as clean and fresh as the first day of spring.

Chill Out
A friend of ours said she wanted a scrubby bar so I added stone ground cornmeal to this all vegetable bar. In combination with a cool fresh scent, it is invigorating and feels great!

Buttermilk Pie
What a wonderful all natural soap enriched with fresh whole buttermilk. Lemon and lavender essential oils make this a real treat!

English Tea
This all natural formula starts with a strong brew of real Earl Grey Tea; Then we add plenty of olive oil to create a soap that leaves your skin ultra soft.

A pure white bar with a China Rain Type fragrance and buttermilk, will leave you feeling soft and exotic.

White Coconut
This bar resembles fresh cocnut with its pure white color and yummy fragrance.

An old fashioned goat's milk soap with the pretty fragrance of heather blossoms. Men love this smell too!

Buttery Vanilla
This old fashioned bar has real whole buttermilk and a nice vanilla scent. So relaxing for the body and mind.

Kids and teens will enjoy this bar. Fresh apple fragrance is appealing to this vibrant group but don't let the kids have all the fun!

Coastal Chocolate
This unique combination of chocolate fragrance and ocean seaweed, produces whitecaps of lather you won't believe!

Golden Almond
Golden colored soap, full of buttermilk, that you will want to use all the time. Lovely almond scent in a soft creamy lather.

Fresh Mint
This is a personal favorite! Peppermint essential oil is so invigorating on those lazy mornings, or an afternoon delight!

Soothing Moment
Soft baby powder scent is combined with oatmeal and buttermilk to form a soap that leaves skin soft as a babys bottom.

Hay Ride
An old fashioned formula with a fresh green scent that is great for the entire family. Reminds you of bailing hay on the farm.

Lavender Mint
This soap contains real Hemp Seed Oil, or natures most perfectly balanced oil. A blend of lavender and peppermint essential oils spell relief and relaxation.

This bar is named after the sweet Honeybelle tangerines which grow in southern Florida. The sweet yummy scent of tangerine essential oil will relax and soothe your senses.

Tickled Pink
This lovely pink bar has the fresh clean scent that will appeal to the whole family. Leaves you feeling refreshed and lively.

Poppy Tart
Poppy seeds are added to this old fashioned soap to cleanse your skin. Fresh lemon lime fragrance is very inviting.

Poppy Roll
This cleansing bar has a scent which will remind you of a hard roll from the bakery. Poppy seeds are a great way to remove dead skin cells.

Grandma's Garden
This old fashioned goat's milk formula is scented with our own floral blend. Takes you back to grassy fields and flower gardens.

Florida Grapefruit
The scent of this bar is so refreshing! Use this soap when you get that run down feeling and see what happens!

Peppermint Tingle
A pure white bar that contains peppermint essential oil. Leaves your skin feeling cool and tingly. Great for those hot summer days to refresh both body and mind.

Mister Spicy
This spicy all vegetable soap is very appealing to men. It contains cinnamon essential oil, which is said to make hairs stand up, making it a great choice for a shaving soap.

Country Coral II
An improved version of our popular Country Coral. Same great color and fragrance with more skin loving all vegetable oils.

Peppermint essential oil and poppy seeds come together in this all natural, all vegetable bar, for a great cleansing experience.

Winter Blossom
This pure vegetable bar with a unique blend of four essential oils, will soothe tired bodies and balance foggy minds.

Golden Almond II
A lovely golden yellow bar containing all vegetable oils. Soothing almond scent is so enjoyable.

This all vegetable formula combines banana fragrance with refreshing peppermint. You've just got to try this unique blend!

Lemon Chiffon
Creamy and luscious! What a dreamy bar. This all vegetable formula smells so good you will want to take a bite, but please don't! Just enjoy it's soothing qualities in a luxurious bath.

Tempting Tango
Calendula infused olive oil is combined with a fresh citrusy scent in this tempting soother.

Dream Cycle
A marbled bar that will remind you of that frozen confection we all love. Tangerine with a swirl of vanilla.

Honey Oats
This bar's yummy scent comes from the oatmeal and honey it contains. No other scents are added here. An all natural beneficial soap the entire family will love.

Purely Clean
This bar serves so many so well. Pure anise essential oil is great to mask the human scent for fishermen and hunters, whiles others love it for it's warm licorice scent.

Chill Out II
She wanted it even more scrubby so we added more stone ground cornmeal to this formula for those who really love that feel. This bar feels so good in the shower all over or would be great after a day in the garden to really get those hands clean!

Honey Oats II
Another honey oatmeal all natural formula with the addition of a touch of cinnamon essential oil. Just imagine how wonderful this scent is! You've got to try this one!

Chocolate Cherry
Coconut milk and cocoa butter along with pure vegetable oils make a luscious bar. Chocolate and cherry fragrance makes this a real treat!

Lemon Tea
We use a strong brew of orange and black pekoe teas in this creamy bar. We then add lemon eucalyptus essential oil to create an invigorating soap. Also helps repel insects so it is great for camping, hunting, or fishing.

Menthol Mist
An all natural,old fashioned bar, with the essential oil cajeput from southeast asia. Its menthol like scent is refreshing and reviving.

Cool Sea
This old fashioned bar contains real seaweed which is reknowned for its skin nourishing properties. Together with a freah clean scent, there is nothing fishy about this soap!

This was a special request by one of our regular customers based on another bar he liked. Using an old fashioned recipe and a Sandalwood fragrance, we made enough for everyone to try.

Truly Patchouli
This is an old fashioned recipe with Patchouli essential oil. This essential oil is a known aphrodisiac and has an earthy aroma. Its a love-hate situation, as most people either love it, or hate it! I have found more people like it though. Try it and see!

Railroad Tie
I have had enough requests for this type of soap by my regular customers that I just had to do it. Pine tar soap has been around for a long time and there are many stories about what it can do. It is an all vegetable soap with a pungent odor in a dark brown bar, that lathers white. Multi-purpose, can be used as a shampoo bar too!

Avacado Bar
She looked me in the eyes and asked "Do you have any avacado soap"? My heart raced as I knew I would again have to expand my line of cold processed soaps! I calmly got all the information from her to aid in my research and development and here is what I came up with. This unscented bar is an all natural vegetable soap with skin healing avacado oil added.

Pure Castille
This is 100% pure Castille soap at its finest. It is all vegetable, all natural and is unscented. The natural scent however is kind of nutty. This bar is long lasting, quick lathering with medium sized bubbles.

Almond Oats
This all vegetable bar has oatmeal added to take care of yet another special request from a customer. While I was at it I added silk protein and sweet almond oil to make it extra special. As always, I made enough for everybody to try some!
Sulphur Springs
How do they do it? With about 70 varietys on the table I was asked if I had any "sulphur soap". My forehead started to sweat when again I knew what this meant...more research and development! Out came the notebook and again I went to researching. Well, if you know what sulphur smells like and what its good for, its ready!

Corny Cucumber
Remember the story behind the "Chill Out" and "Chill Out II"? Well, she came back after sniffing our cucumber "soap by the slice" and asked if I could do a "Chill Out" in cucumber. Well, I'm easy to get along with so here it is...

Cinnamon Swirl
This old fashioned formula is for the cinnamon lovers out there. We marbled the looks to jazz it up a bit for the holidays. Great for the kithcen or bath anytime of the year.

Cafe au Lait
Here is another all vegetable bar for the person that needs a jump start in the shower while waiting for the coffee to finish brewing. We even added buttermilk to this one and it smells so good that if you end up in the shower too long, you will think you already had your coffee! Just make sure you get to work on time after this one...

Driftwood II
Remember the guy that wanted the sandalwood scented soap? Well, he asked if we could add some oatmeal to it cause he tried some others with oatmeal and loved the way they felt. Without hesitation, I said it will be ready in 4-6 weeks. Boy how time flys when you are making soap!

Pumice Light
This bar I call a polishing bar as the pumice I used is a very fine grade. With the addition of a citrus fragrance that doubles as a super cleaner, this soap works on delicate skin when a little extra cleaning power is needed. Feels good all over...try one today!

Sea Foam
Living by the Atlantic ocean I knew I would have to take advantage one day, so I came up with this all natural soap, using water from the mineral rich Gulf of Mexico. With vitamins A,B,C,D,E,F, and K, iodine, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorous, nitrogen and manganese in each and every bar, you may be able to imagine the ocean breezes and the sounds of the waves. Then with lavender essential oil to top it off, you will relax as you daydream. If you can't be here, try a bar of Sea Foam and get close!

Thats all folks!