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Item # Soap Name Fragrance Color In Stock Price
SBS001 Bananas N Cream Banana opaque Yes $3.50
SBS002 Blueberry Blueberry opaque Yes $3.50
SBS003 Cucumber Cucumber clear Yes $3.50
SBS004 Green Apple Apple clear Yes $3.50
SBS005 Lemon Lime Lemon Lime clear Yes $3.50
SBS006 Mulberry Mulberry clear Yes $3.50
SBS007 Raspberry Raspberry opaque Yes $3.50
SBS008 Strawberries N Cream Blend opaque Yes $3.50
SBS009 Pina Colada Pina Colada opaque Yes $3.50
SBS010 Patchouli Patchouli clear Yes $3.50
SBS011 Mango Madness Mango clear Yes $3.50
SBS012 Lavender Dreams Lavender clear Yes $3.50
SBS013 Good N Plenty Licorice opaque Yes $3.50
SBS014 Blue Musk Blue Musk clear Yes $3.50
SBS015 Pumpkin Spice Pumpkin Spice opaque Yes $3.50
SBS016 Just Peachy Peach opaque Yes $3.50
SBS017 Cinnamon Twist Cinnamon clear Yes $3.50
SBS018 Jazz Man Jasmine opaque Yes $3.50
SBS019 Tangerine Breeze Tangerine opaque Yes $3.50
SBS020 Oat N Honey Honey clear Yes $3.50
SBS021 Candy Cane Peppermint opaque Yes $3.50
SBS022 Cedar Woods Cedar opaque Yes $3.50
SBS023 Creamy Vanilla Vanilla opaque Yes $3.50
SBS024 Tranquility Blend opaque Yes $3.50
SBS025 Island Punch Punch clear Yes $3.50
SBS026 Garden of Love Gardenia opaque Yes $3.50
SBS027 Cranberry Kiss Cranberry clear Yes $3.50
SBS028 Frosted Pear Pear clear Yes $3.50
SBS029 Mint Chocolate Chip Blend opaque Yes $3.50
SBS030 Watermelon Watermelon clear Yes $3.50
SBS031 Pretty Cool Blend clear Yes $3.50
SBS032 Honeysuckle Honeysuckle clear Yes $3.50
SBS033 Flower Power Blend clear Yes $3.50
SBS034 Rose Rose opaque Yes $3.50
SBS035 Magnolia Magnolia opaque Yes $3.50
SBS036 Wisteria Wisteria opaque Yes $3.50
SBS037 Cuc/Melon Blend clear Yes $3.50
SBS038 Freesia Freesia clear Yes $3.50
SBS039 Beach Walk Blend clear Yes $3.50
SBS040 Bubble Gum Bubble Gum opaque Yes $3.50
SBS041 Special Edition Apple opaque Yes $3.50
SBS042 Riviera Sun Blend clear Yes $3.50
SBS043 Baby Bear Baby Powder opaque Yes $3.50
SBS044 Pink Grapefruit Grapefruit clear Yes $3.50
SBS045 Sunrise Blend opaque Yes $3.50
SBS046 Lilac Lilac opaque Yes $3.50
SBS047 Passion Plumeria clear Yes $3.50
SBS048 Hopscotch Blend opaque Yes $3.50
SBS049 Catster Blend clear Yes $3.50
SBS050 Home For Holidays Blend opaque Yes $3.50
SBS051 Sweet Dreams Blend clear Yes $3.50
SBS052 Root Beer Root Beer opaque Yes $3.50


Bananas N Cream
If you like bananas or banana cream pie, you will love this opaque slice of soap. The color is like a banana with yellow pieces scattered about. .
You will love the blueberry scent this opaque slice has. Local folks say it smells so sweet you could take a bite! These good sized yellow slices with blue and green pieces, sell for much more at the local stores so why not treat yourself to a blueberry slice! .
This clear slice of glycerine soap has cucumber fragrance for a clean, fresh, spring like atmosphere. Even the various greens and yellows used will remind you of a spring day.
Green Apple
This clear slice is green with white chunks of simulated apples and smells great. One of our top sellers! Like a Granny Smith apple only 10 times more powerful!
Lemon Lime
A combination of lemon and lime make this clear slice a real eye opener in the shower. Simulated lime rind with lemon yellow pieces. .
One of our personal favorites, this clear Mulberry slice smells wonderful and looks great too! Assorted brightly colored pieces of all colors attract all ages. .
Everyone young and old loves the smell of raspberries and this opaque slice of soap will bring back all kinds of wonderful memories. White with blue swirls and purple and pink chunks. .
Strawberries N Cream
Another top seller that once people pick it up and smell it, they just have to get it! Smells truly good enough to eat but try to restrain yourself or you will be foaming at the mouth! Opaque creamy base with red swirls. .
Pina Colada
The smell of fresh coconut in a white slice with pieces of gold, red and brown will make you feel like you are in the tropics with a Pina Colada in hand. .
This multi colored clear slice has Patchouli essential oil for those that can't be without it. Magenta colored with assorted colors inside. Again for those not familiar with Patchouli, it is an earthy fragrance and a known aphrodisiac. Handle with care! .
Mango Madness
If you like mango's, you will love this slice. A clear orange base with peach colored chunks that looks and smells good enough to eat. Great scent! .
Lavender Dreams
Ahhhh, the smell of Lavender. This is the stuff dreams are made of! You'll be daydreaming in the shower with this clear slice. This is a very pretty slice with pink hearts, blue moons, and purple stars. Just be sure to get up so your not late for work. Then again, it may be a great day to call in sick! .
Good N Plenty
Do you remember the movie theatre and the snack bar? Did you ever get any Good N Plenty to snack on while watching a movie? How about the Dime Store, they sold it too. Well, if you like black licorice, you will love this white slice with black swirls. .
Blue Musk
This clear slice is appealing to men and women. A lovely aqua blue with swirls of white and baby blue. Looks as pretty as it smells! .
Pumpkin Spice
This clear slice is a great one for the kitchen or the bath. It brings back memories of Thanksgiving at Mom and Dad's house. The smell of fresh baked pumpkin pie fills the air...When sold out we will replace it with the Christmas slice. .
Just Peachy
Our opaque peach slice with pink and white accents has really been popular. The scent is a nice peach not overly sweet or fake. Try it and see just how we came up with the name Just Peachy! .
Cinnamon Twist
If you like cinnamon, you will love this clear copper colored slice. Great for the bath or kitchen any time of the year. Spice up yours or someone else's holidays with a slice of Cinnamon Twist! .
Jazz Man
Jazz Man, Jasmine. Whats in a name? This fragrant floral will jazz up any room you put it in. A white slice with bright blue curls and yellow and clear accents. .
Tangerine Breeze
Picture yourself in a citrus grove in Florida or Brazil. It will smell pretty close as we use essential oils from both in this fruity blend. This opaque slice is golden in color with simulated orange segments. Enjoy the blend of two distant places at once! .
Oat N Honey
An all natural slice for the discriminating person that chooses no fragrance in their soap. A clear slice with oatmeal and honey added for a slice as natural as you can get! .
Candy Cane
This refreshing minty soap brings back fond memories of Christmas morning. If you like peppermint, you will definitely enjoy this cooling slice. A white slice with red curls in a rectangular shape. .
Cedar Woods
Cabin fever got you? Try this all natural scented slice with cedarwood essential oil. You'll think you are out in a forest. This rectangular off white slice with brown and green in the shape of a cedar tree is a lovely addition to any home. .
Creamy Vanilla
I scream, you scream, we all scream for Vanilla Ice Cream! This vanilla is one of our favorites and we think you'll agree too. A white slice with brown flecks throughout. .
Did you ever need a sensual break? This pink slice with a golden star will let your senses run free. A blend too complex to put into words, this one will help ease your worried mind. .
Island Punch
So the storm busted up your little boat and you ended up here. Well, your in luck because this island has plenty of fruit. This is a citrus fruity blend in a clear slice with tropical colors. .
Garden of Love
Our Valentines design was so popular we had to add it to the regular line. A creamy colored rectangular slice with two red hearts and a gardenia scent. A heady floral. .
Cranberry Kiss
Crisp and tart are the first two things that come to mind with this clear slice in purple with pink swirls. .
Frosted Pear
Starts out light but gains momentum when used. A great pear fragranced slice in a clear base with purple and green pieces. This is really a great scent anytime of the year. .
Mint Chocolate Chip
I'm on top of Mount Everest! Brrrrr its cold! Well...maybe I am just burnt out writing these descriptions. Anyway, I am going to take a break and eat a York Peppermint Patty. Hint hint... .
Ahhhh, the smell of a juicy watermelon on a hot summer day. This clear slice in red with green and black, comes without flies cause they are going to be staring in from outside while you wash up with a grin. .
Pretty Cool
A rectangular natural deodorant slice with tea tree, peppermint, and rosemary essential oils. This layered soap kind of looks like the ocean and beach from a divers perspective. Its really pretty cool. Now that sounds familiar. .
A multitude of Spring like colors surrounded by a sunny yellow clear base. The sweet smell of honeysuckle will brighten any day whether the sun is out or not. .
This clear floral fragranced slice with a pastel flower is simple but easy on the eyes and nose. Springtime freshness. .
We make this slice the way you want it by offering it clear or opaque and the colors will vary, just like a rose. This is for rose lovers only! .
A white slice with shades of green, add a little magnolia and what have you got? A southern tradition. Very popular. .
This opaque with purple slice smells just like the wisteria trees that grow right here in Florida. They are pretty trees with grapelike bunches of sweet smelling flowers. A local favorite! .
Cucumber Melon
This slice is clear green with coral pieces that resemble mini cantelope slices. A hot seller! .
This slice is clear with multi colored shapes resembling a flower and smells just like the real flower. .
Beach Walk
A clear blue with multi colored pieces along with the shape of a sea shell. Another popular one near the coast here in Florida. .
Bubble Gum
The kids love this opaque multi colored slice with gumball shapes that smells like...gumballs! You don't have to be a kid to buy it either! Very colorful. .
American Pie
This red white and blue slice has a white star in two layers, one red and one blue. Very patriotic and very popular. Has a nice apple fragrance too! .
Riviera Sun
This is a unique blend in a clear slice with multi colored effects that seems appropriately named as its hard to describe. Wonderfully refreshing yet very relaxing! .
Baby Bear
A white slice with either a pink or blue little bear shape in every slice. Perfect for those baby shower gifts and also for yourself if you like baby powder. A cute addition to any bathroom. .
Pink Grapefruit
A clear hot pink slice with pink chunks inside. Smells like a grapefruit too! .
A white rectangular slice with a red rooster and a golden sun. Looks like a nice little scene for the country bathroom. Smells good too! .
A white slice with purple marbled effect and the smell of lilacs. Ahhhhhh! .
A clear rectangular slice with a pink heart and blue accents. Truly a passionate soap for the girls. Lovely smelling plumeria scent. Guys typically would buy this for their other half when they were in "hot water". .
A white rectangular slice with a black dog playing with a red ball. Looks like a "scotty dog" and is cute in any bathroom. Fresh scent. .
A clear slice with a cat face that looks like the famous napster trademark if you looked quickly. Colors vary. .
Home For Holidays
A yellow opaque slice with red and green in the shape of a Christmas tree with gifts around the bottom. Definite holiday fragrance. .
Sweet Dreams
A clear midnight blue slice with a yellow crescent moon and white stars. Scent is very soft and sensuous. .
Root Beer
A white slice with brown swirls and smells like root beer. This was a special request by a customer so we added it to our line. Her brother had been looking for this soap most of his life I was told... Look no more because its right here! .
Thats all folks!